Eduardo Gateno.

Eduardo Gateno is the CEO, founder and senior partner at Pacific Developers and G4 Properties, two of the top real estate developers firms in Panama. For over 20 years, Gateno has led his companies focused on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Most of his developments fall into the high-end luxury bracket for residential solutions as well as commercial spaces. He strives for excellence, understanding that a new home or office needs to be a life changing experience.


Over his career in the real estate industry he has worked in association with top architectural firms in Panama like Mallol Arquitectos, George Moreno and Partners, Ventura y Asociados, and Pinzon Lozano Arquitectos as well as with international firms like EDSA (Edward D. Stone and Associates) and Moule & Polyzoides.


Alfredo Gateno.

Alfredo Gateno, executive vice-president of Pacific Developers, is in charge of leading company sales, marketing and technology management. His role in Pacific Developers is to lead all aspects of the sales and implementation strategy, digital integration and transformation of the operating model in the company.


Through a combination of hard work and knowledge, Alfredo and his team have presented interesting sales and marketing approaches that have highlighted the performance of Pacific Developers in the region.

Pacific Developers.

A perfect balance between location, design, quality and projection.

Pacific Developers.

In the last 23 years, Pacific Developers has positioned itself as a strong competitor in the design and construction of real estate development in Panama. As industry experts, they have set themselves apart on residential and commercial projects; by this resetting industry standards.

Supported by a multidisciplinary team with great passion and innovation, they have earned recognition in all their ventures. Thanks to a perfect balance between location, design, and quality.

Pacific Developers is a company located in Panama mainly dedicated to the development, construction and sales of residential and commercial properties. The main properties are located in exclusive areas of Panama City.

The company operates mainly in three business segments: construction, property development and property sales. They are a real estate developer that focuses in representing and protecting its clients on the biggest residential projects in the country. Since the beginning, they have played an important role in the construction of over 3.5 million square feet in real estate development. It’s known as one of the main companies in innovative project executions with significant architectural input. Their main objective is to provide solutions that becomes a contribution to its resident’s lifestyles.

In 2015 Pacific Developers received the OBRAS CEMEX Building Award, in the “Luxury Real Estate” category for the Grand Tower project located in Punta Pacifica. This international recognition was sponsored by CEMEX, a multinational building materials company with presence in more than 50 countries around the world. This award recognizes the most outstanding projects in technical and aesthetic solutions. The OBRAS CEMEX Building Award has a 20-year history and has been held in countries such as in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, the United States, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto
Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.